What is Solcare?

Solcare — from two words meaning “sun” and “affection” that together create something brand new — is devoted to helping individuals and families find emotional resilience and re-discover joy in their lives.

Juliet Fay, a facilitator is keen to share an understanding that has profoundly improved the quality of her own daily life and that of countless others. 

Everything taught is based on something called the Three Principles (Mind, Consciousness and Thought), as originally expressed by Sydney Banks back in the 1970s. Many experience stress, anxiety and conflict with themselves, with their household and with their wider connections, yet all of us long for peace and well-being. The Three Principles present a completely new paradigm for personal transformation which does not rely on tools or techniques but rather on a deeper insight based understanding of how our human experience gets created.

Every person — no matter their behaviour or circumstances — has innate mental health and well being. Meaning, no one’s psyche can ever be damaged, despite their behaviour or circumstances at any given time.

By exploring this fundamental truth in more depth, people discover innate resources and resilience that have always been there. Relationships with self and others begin to change as life is more consciously experienced from the inside out.

If you are struggling at home or at work (or both) or support those who struggle ……..

Please explore the website, and contact me using the secure and confidential form, below for an initial no obligation conversation. Many thanks.

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