Juliet Fay

“I love to explore and appreciate the wonder of the human spirit. I do that through heartfelt conversations and playful creative expression. With and for curious individuals and groups. Going deeper, beyond what we know”

Juliet Fay, poet, facilitator and community leader

Juliet is a student of The Three Principles (Mind, Consciousness and Thought), as originally expressed by Sydney Banks back in the 1970s and it informs much of her sharing. This understanding is now the basis of programmes in prisons, schools, communities and businesses in ever increasing number reaching around the globe.

Once individuals begin to realise that the source of stress, anxiety and conflict (internally and with others) comes from the mind, they begin to realise the potential of that same mind to experience more resilience, wellbeing, creativity and joy. This naturally leads to change, first in individuals and then in their wider social and work communities.

The Three Principles present a completely new paradigm for personal transformation which does not rely on tools or techniques but rather on a deeper insight based understanding of how our human experience gets created. The work takes the form of conversations in 1:2:1 or in groups; in person or via tele-calls.

Those who aspire to relieve suffering, build more resilient communities or engage in creative expression, often find themselves overthinking, exhausted and burnt out. This understanding, once glimpsed, can radically change your experience of your life and work and lead to more sustainable working and growth, more peace of mind and more impact.

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