Wellbeing Sessions

Exploring a deeper connection

Updated 12 August 2020

Wellbeing sessions

It’s that pause that gets people curious. Clients who want to work with me are typically, outwardly successful, seen by others as confident, skilled and capable but experience frustration and run high levels of stress. They tend to be driven, have high expectations of themselves (and others). They come because of a niggling sense there is more to life than their current experience. They sense there could be more ease and joy available (and less burn-out) but don’t know how or where to find that consistently. They are curious about a richer internal experience.

Wellbeing sessions are ideal if this is you.

First comes curiosity which has brought you here, then, through conversation, if a glimpse of this deeper understanding is seen, hope ignites and with it a deepening experience of more resilience, wisdom, creativity and joy whatever is going on in the outer world. My job is simply to point towards a deeper dimension and help you explore it. It is up to you what you discover and how that may impact your life (often in ways we can never predict).

Until further notice, I am taking my practice entirely online until further notice. All sessions will take place using the Zoom platform (instructions are provided)

The joy of this work is that you do not have to engage in lengthy sessions over years, new clients typically commit to just six Wellbeing Sessions or opt for the 3 Day 3 Principles Immersion while those who have worked with me before tend to simply book one off sessions as and when they want them. Before you commit to working with me I invite you to schedule a free 30 minute call with me to see if we are a good fit.

Schedule initial free call now to see if we are a good fit

0 minute Wellbeing session

Ready to book?

Schedule your 1:2:1 calls via Zoom to explore together what is on offer in that space of deeper understanding, I offer short 40 minute sessions for £50 each, where we dive deep into the unknown together. As soon as you click this link to schedule a call with me, the exploration begins. The link takes you to my Acuity Scheduling account where you’ll be asked to fill out an intake form (even if we’ve worked together before) and then book and pay for your session. The intake form is a chance for you to reflect on your intention for the session. From the time I receive your intake form, I am in connection with you. 


Schedule a free 30 minute initial call now with me and we can see if we are a good fit.


Really want to work with me but don’t have disposable income to pay the advertised rate? Contact me and we’ll work something out.

Buy wellbeing sessions for those in need

I’d love to be able to work with anyone drawn to working with me. Some of the people I serve can find themselves in a precarious position financially at the best of times. These are not the best of times. If you don’t need a session yourself but you enjoy the writing, poetry and facilitating I do, there is a way you can pay it forward and help me to support these people, if you have the funds to do so.

You can buy Wellbeing sessions @ £50 each and donate them for others to take up. Here is the Paypal link. Simply fill out the amount you wish to send and tell me in the notes that it is for others and I will offer these sessions out on a pro bono basis. Thank you to my client who inspired this idea with her generous offer to donate her session.

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Read what others have to say about working with me

My time spent with Juliet is incredibly precious to me. Through her warmth, patience and gentle nudges I was allowed the space to remember my own innate wisdom, and rediscover a place of organic wellbeing in my life.

There was no text book to read or homework to practice, it was what I can only describe as the magic in transformational, over informational, learning that allowed me to remember my resilience, and truly know that no single body is broken. Including my own.

This brought light to my daily home life with my partner and arguments no longer last a lifetime. I’ve learned that we will all still experience ebbs and flows and lows, despite having a consciousness around the Three Principles and inside out thinking. However, my new safety blanket lies in the ability to bounce back from places of anger of sadness far quicker than the ‘old’ me, who would innocently over-think my thinking and end up in a place of stubborn distress. I felt I should sit in this firmly if my ‘thinking’ was to be valid. This new shift in thinking is a saviour for all my wasted energy, and a saviour to my health and happiness. I knew I had the tools, but Juliet helped me to scrape away the rust and actually do some personal DIY… without even really realising!

My daily life is now far more ‘oh well’. Even with severe work and family life situations occurring around me and affecting me directly, I am comfortable not fighting them anymore, and instead, I am allowing these stresses to pass… without my resistance causing more tidal waves then stillness in those unsettled seas.

I feel blessed that my path has crossed with Juliet’s and feel very lucky to have had the life changing opportunity to grow with her and learn from her on a one-to-one basis. 

Pippa Thompson

Account Manager, London