Exploring a deeper connection


When the storm is blowing hard
And the mast looks set to break.
When waves crash and wind roars
And my little boat can take no more

Deep in despair when hope is all but gone
Comes a faint whisper, stirring my soul
Clinging to the mast I give in.
I’m guided through the storm.

When I surrender to that whisper
The storm reveals its majesty and beauty
Opening my arms I become the storm.
Drenched but renewed, I emerge.

Reaching more tranquil waters
I become a light for those who follow
Just as those that went before
Held a lantern for me, on the distant shore

© Juliet Fay 2017

Wellbeing Sessions

Updated 23 March 2020

My work since 2016 has invited those experiencing internal mental storms, to look towards a deeper sense of themselves and understand how the mind creates our experiences. First comes curiosity, then from a glimpse of this deeper understanding, hope reignites and with it a deeper experience of more resilience, wisdom, confidence and joy whatever the ups and downs of life.

Now more than ever, both the poem, Adversity, I wrote in 2017 and the conversations I offer can provide a much needed light in the storm.

In view of those storms, inner and outer, I am taking my practice entirely online until further notice. All sessions will take place using the Zoom platform.

I have simplified the services I offer and also created an option for you to support me to help those who want support but may be facing financial uncertainty or difficulty.

Buy wellbeing & mentoring sessions for those in need

Some of the people I serve can find themselves in a precarious position financially at the best of times. These are not the best of times. If you don’t need a session yourself but you enjoy the writing, poetry and facilitating I do, there is a way you can pay it forward and help me to support these people, if you have the funds to do so.

You can buy sessions @ £40 (wellbeing) or £60 (mentoring) each and donate them for others to take up. Here is the Paypal link paypal.me/JulietKFay. Simply fill out the amount you wish to send and tell me in the notes that it is for others and I will offer these sessions out on a pro bono basis. Thank you to my client who inspired this idea with her generous offer to donate her session.

For individuals

Support for yourself: 40 minute Wellbeing session

For those who would appreciate a 1:2:1 call via Zoom just now to explore together what is on offer in that space of deeper understanding, I am offering 40 minute sessions for £40 each. Please get in touch to book.

Professional support: 75 minute Mentoring session

If you work as a helper, healer, facilitator or coach and have some understanding of the 3 Principles, you can book a 75 minute mentoring call for £60. Together we can go deeper into our understanding and from there look at any issues that are arising for you in your practice at this time. Please get in touch to book.

For Third Sector, Public Sector and Private Sector

Workplace support for those in essential services

If your workplace needs group or 1:2:1 calls to support the wellbeing of your staff or volunteers at this time, especially those in essential services and those supporting the vulnerable, please get in touch, I’d be happy to see how I can help and am experienced providing support virtually via the Zoom platform.

If this calls to you, please get in touch so we can set up an initial conversation to see if we are a good fit for each other.

Learn more about me

Read what others have to say about working with me

My time spent with Juliet is incredibly precious to me. Through her warmth, patience and gentle nudges I was allowed the space to remember my own innate wisdom, and rediscover a place of organic wellbeing in my life.

There was no text book to read or homework to practice, it was what I can only describe as the magic in transformational, over informational, learning that allowed me to remember my resilience, and truly know that no single body is broken. Including my own.

This brought light to my daily home life with my partner and arguments no longer last a lifetime. I’ve learned that we will all still experience ebbs and flows and lows, despite having a consciousness around the Three Principles and inside out thinking. However, my new safety blanket lies in the ability to bounce back from places of anger of sadness far quicker than the ‘old’ me, who would innocently over-think my thinking and end up in a place of stubborn distress. I felt I should sit in this firmly if my ‘thinking’ was to be valid. This new shift in thinking is a saviour for all my wasted energy, and a saviour to my health and happiness. I knew I had the tools, but Juliet helped me to scrape away the rust and actually do some personal DIY… without even really realising!

My daily life is now far more ‘oh well’. Even with severe work and family life situations occurring around me and affecting me directly, I am comfortable not fighting them anymore, and instead, I am allowing these stresses to pass… without my resistance causing more tidal waves then stillness in those unsettled seas.

I feel blessed that my path has crossed with Juliet’s and feel very lucky to have had the life changing opportunity to grow with her and learn from her on a one-to-one basis. 

Pippa Thompson

Account Manager, London