When a storm hits, and the wind is whistling, windows rattling and the rain beating hard on the roof, the world can feel like a scary and intimidating place. There’s not much you can do when a storm is raging other than batten down the hatches and wait for it to pass.

In the same way, when our mood dips, our experience of the world can change dramatically and problems can seem to run hither and thither through our minds. Yet rather than allowing the storm of problem thinking to pass we often feel compelled to act on the feelings we experience in a low mood.

I found myself caught in a hilarious little thought routine this morning. I went from feeling a little irked about something minor to deciding that several things in my life were utterly pointless in the space of about 15 minutes.


And then I noticed what just happened and saw the comedy in it.

What I am seeing more and more clearly is that it isn’t the world out there that has changed but simply my mood (or level of consciousness).

I realised that the only thing that needed to happen for all to seem well in my world again, was my mood or level of consciousness to rise.

And that means there is nothing to do in a low mood but simply ALLOW my mood to change…. and it will.

What a relief!

I don’t expect this is really news to anyone.

In low moods life seems a struggle, overwhelming and it feels like everyone wants a piece of us. When a more relaxed mood occurs, all those feelings melt away and the world once again seems friendly and benign.

Have you ever noticed, when you feel good, you glide through tasks and whatever comes up feels manageable?

On the other hand, in a low mood, when life seems full of problems, it can look like those feelings of discomfort are telling us something important about ourselves, our situation, our work or our relationships. If so it may look as if we should set about trying to fix or change things about ourselves or our circumstances.

This can lead to actions that at best are unnecessary and at worst actually work against our best interests.

When in reality, our world changes depending on our mood or level of consciousness. Not just our view of our world, but actually our experience of our world.

Just knowing this is often enough for the thoughts and feelings to get less compelling. We realise all we need to do is batten down the hatches and wait until the storm passes. Our mood or level of consciousness will naturally rise and open all by itself.

And know too there will be more storms of problem thinking, some bigger, some smaller, some lasting a few minutes, some a few days or weeks; because we are human. There’s nothing to worry about and definitely nothing to do.

What is your experience of letting low moods pass through?

© Juliet Fay 2017

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