I am blessed to get to share an understanding of how the mind works with folk at a local mental health Welcome Centre in a town near my home. Each time I show up I see something new.

In one session, the first of a four week run, I was moved to hear people who’d been to previous groups, falling over themselves to share what they’ve seen with those joining the programme for the first time.

The examples they gave varied:  finding stillness, setting aside something that bothered them, losing sight of well-being but knowing it was there somewhere.

What they were wanting to convey was the feeling. The feeling of hope, ease and connection.

And it struck me how there is an instinct in us all of us to reach out and connect with others. We see this in action in so many little ways, all over the world, day in, day out:-

  • A person moves out of the way to let another pass by on a narrow pavement or sidewalk
  • A car driver stops to let out another driver
  • A person gives directions to someone who is lost
  • A parent reaches for the hand of a child as they cross the road

We see this even more when people reach out to help those in distress or peril:-

  • Strangers help the old and sick to evacuate when a hurricane is forecast
  • Taxi drivers pick up those fleeing a terrorist attack
  • Passers by rush to help the injured after a bomb attack

Reaching out is a natural instinct when our common humanity and compassion is touched. It happens every day, all over the world. When you start to notice this, it is moving beyond words.

In that group, I saw people reach out to help those who are suffering and I felt an overwhelming surge of gratitude to be able to witness this gathering of people filled with such goodwill and warmth.

It is a natural consequence of being human. It is what happens when we are fully present.

I’d love to know what you see or hear in this that’s new for you. Please add your comments below.


Juliet Fay based in West Wales, UK, is a Marketing Geek and Three Principles Facilitator. Facilitating conversations in person and online with individuals, groups and teams to point people towards more ease in life and work. She also writes poems, articles, essays, prose and short stories. Find out about events and contact Juliet via the Solcare website. To get email updates about new writing, events, programmes and meets ups, sign up to the e-mailing list here

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