Photo: © Juliet Fay November 2017

Because we are human with human connections, the holiday season seems to heighten things: love and loss; fear and delight; hope and expectation.

Just knowing it’s a time when Life seems to go crazy with the saturation filter can help us roll a little better with the ups and downs that come through.

It doesn’t always help to know we are the ones ramping up the saturation, sometimes it’s easier just to shrug and take heart, knowing you are not alone. Many many people at this time of year are doing the exact same thing, swinging from exasperation to joy and back again.

Go easy on yourself. There are no prizes on offer here. It’s just Life coming through us with maybe rather more thinking than at other times.

Try not to give that thinking too much oxygen but if you do, don’t worry. Take a little time to do something naughty but nice and as a friend said to me today, ”maybe it’s getting near 50, but I just worry less’. We could all do more of that.

What will be, will be. There may well be tantrums and tears, love and laughter, sorrow and hurt and it’s all part of the rich melting pot of being human.

And if you are missing folk or mourning times past this holiday, know too, it’s okay to have a little weep and for big feelings to sweep through you. There will be many many people around the world, taking a moment to grieve privately. Find comfort in that silent congregation.

Sending much love to you all…..

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