Here’s what we explore

  • mistakes as mis-takes like in the movies
  • how mistakes are learning opportunities
  • how putting out something imperfect helps you see and move closer to what you do want
  • how throwing out a bunch of seeds can let you see what you like and what you want to cultivate
  • what about the haters and trolls?
  • how keeping up with what other people think is impossible even if it was desirable
  • how being humble can be a way of trying not to feel uncomfortable, avoiding getting out of our comfort zone
  • the feeling of pressure to be perfect comes and goes, as we look closely we begin to see it is internally generated
  • what about if we get attacked online for something we’ve put out?
  • recognizing how we’re not that smart in an agitated state of mind, allowing ourselves to get over our reactivity and then see what’s available in a more settled state of mind
  • thoughts scream and wisdom whispers
  • how seriousness can be a red flag signaling to us it’s time to step away and settle


‘If the only thing we learned was not to be afraid of our experience, that alone would change the world’ Sydney Banks

Fast and furious versus calm and curious‘ – My Guide Inside by Krista Campsell


Carla is a mindset & performance coach working with high achieving, high-performance entrepreneurs who are dealing quietly with anxiety.

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Poet & 3 Principles facilitator, Juliet loves exploring and pointing towards freedom of mind for those curious to engage more fully with all aspects of their life.

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