• Carla gets curious because for her, music, the area where she has the most talent is the area she feels the most vulnerable and so she holds back and it feels so different
  • photography on the other hand, for Carla, feels much freer, less exposing which is interesting – it means she gets to play with tools and enjoys her photography and shares it easily
  • Carla sees coaching as a creative endeavor because the magic comes from showing up in presence and seeing what gets co-created
  • when fear and expectations of how it should be get in the way, it tends to shut down the flow of creative energy and we get the experience of our creativity being lacking
  • narrow definitions of creativity as works of art sit in many of our heads unquestioned
  • a completely different definition: anytime we bring something into form that didn’t exist before, that is an act of creativity, so that means we are ALL creative all day, every day
  • so why don’t we feel creative when we make toast!?
  • it looks as if where our attention lands makes all the difference: when we are caught in self-consciousness, thinking about the past or the future, what people think, then we lose our sense of connection.
  • those insecurities might still show up but if we can not give them too much oxygen they don’t tend to have the same grip on us
  • something in the quality of our attention is related to creativity
  • it’s common to find people who are extraordinarily creative but cannot see it eg writing or gardening
  • we tell ourselves stories about everything and if we have a story that says: we have no talent, we are not creative, or we have no aptitude or our e.g. music is not good enough it can stop us from even attempting to do those things and certainly can stop us sharing our talents
  • when something is frictionless, effortless, or no big deal, often there is genius there but they don’t see it because it comes so easily; for others what they do looks remarkable
  • we have a cultural myth that a great work of art must take hard labor and be difficult,  laden with angst
  • the love of doing something, where does it come from? Are we driven by something greater than us?
  • when we’re not caught up in our ego (what we think of ourselves, what others think of us), we can live a more creative flowing life
  • creative flow is not about strategy, it is just about being connected up and grounded and willing to go with the flow
  • you can feel when something is effortful and our self-doubt has got the upper hand
  • ‘Life is not a problem to be solved’ – Audre Lorde
  • when we get so focused on the outcome we try to use our creativity as a means to an end and we forget to enjoy it
  • there is so much joy available in the act of creating, the learning, the playing, the experimenting
  • creativity is messy and we have a culture that values neatness so it can feel scary to step outside the lines and sometimes people seem to get criticized for doing that
  • Juliet has begun to see that anything we create is dynamic, almost alive:  each time someone reads a poem or listens to a piece of music, the poem or song gets re-created. Seeing that took the pressure off her as she realized they are bigger than me.
  • to hold back on the creative ideas that come through to us, we are doing a disservice to the world
  • as an entrepreneur you have to be creative in business and appeal to your audience if you are going to make money – balancing that can look tricky
  • musicians often begin really connected up to their love of music but then record labels come in and start to make demands which can take them away from that connectivity
  • sometimes all we need is permission to stick with what our heart knows
  • clients are drawn to businesses that are heart-centered because they have a hidden ingredient – a realness, a sense of connection – customers were inspired
  • there is a sense of people breaking away from old narratives and getting more confident in standing in their own knowing as if there is a sea change underway
  • collective permission to tune in to what makes sense, what is aligned for us
  • you are allowed to enjoy your life and the talents and inspirations that occur to you
  • the old guard is in their death throes, Carla is seeing something really different with her young male entrepreneur clients: they want to make the money but they know that isn’t where fulfillment comes from. They want to make a positive impact on the world
  • after we ‘unplug’ from our busy minds, negative chatter (simply paying it less attention), we tend to slow way down, and then after we get that refresh, we begin to see things afresh
  • as you bring more of your whole self to what you’re up to, it draws people, people get curious because they sense something at a deeper level and they want it for themselves. It’s the opposite of commodification, you can’t fake it!
  • unplugging can happen anytime, anywhere

Be sure to tune in next time!


Poetry Is Not A Luxury by Audre Lorde from Sister Outsider – a collection of revolutionary writings

Garth Brooks Album: Chris Gaines Greatest Hits


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