Here’s what we explored:

  • has your day ever really gone to plan? Aren’t interruptions the norm?
  • woman plans God laughs
  • Juliet shares her own sense of melancholy being separated from her partner
  • when we don’t accept what is; we suffer
  • going through the feelings, being prepared to feel all the feels
  • if you fight what is, inner or outer, the resistance builds up and we suffer more
  • with so much uncertainty, it’s as if we are all sitting on the edge of our seats
  • we’ve been turned upside down and for many of us there’s no new normal yet
  • the illusion has been shattered. We were comfortable in that illusion
  • when the wave of overwhelm is heading my way we have a few options
  • stand against it and get flattened; dive under it, or ride the wave
  • we don’t have to try to fight it you can go into the soft body of our human-ness
  • we can innocently let our stressful thinking build, like in a psychological thriller
  • we do this especially when we are uncomfortable with how we feel
  • when the mind clears, there’s an opportunity for fresh thinking
  • you only have to deal with what’s right in front of you, right now
  • when we drop our stories, we’re able to move more easily through life
  • we get present all the time, but we just don’t notice
  • here, now the two of us speaking, everything’s fine, we’re in a state of curiosity
  • social media gives us the stories that match our own
  • when you feel irritated, if you go on Facebook, you’ll feel more irritated
  • a symptom of stress is a sense of urgency and not thinking clearly
  • we either go scatter gun and try to solve problems or withdraw and feel overwhelmed
  • Juliet says how she couldn’t see how exhausting that was
  • she thought she was exhausted because of all the things she had to do
  • when you understand your feelings are real but what they are telling you is not, you can take them less seriously
  • we’re not saying, we’re okay because we don’t have so-called challenges in our life
  • we’re okay because there is something deeper and fresh thinking is always available
  • when our system floods with stress chemicals we have less clarity but those chemicals are meant to be released when we are ACTUALLY in danger
  • what happens is those chemicals get released when we IMAGINE danger
  • the birds don’t have a commentary running about their circumstances
  • we can learn from the birds
  • Carla talks of a story in Mara Gleason’s book, One Thought Changes Everything, wherein a holdup, all Mara’s fear dropped away and she felt a feeling of expansive love rush in
  • we see the possibility of our stories dropping away at any moment
  • you can’t think your way to a state of no thought
  • we drop out of our self-conscious thinking all the time, we just don’t notice
  • when we are being and doing, we aren’t thinking about ourselves
  • it is changes in our thoughts that change our experience not changes in our external world
  • the more we can take things off our mind, the easier it is to deal with the unknown
  • when we have lots on our mind, social media can just amplify that busy mind state
  • as we learn to ride the waves, we get really good at being flexible and find more ease
  • when you don’t accept what is, you suffer
  • it doesn’t mean being a doormat or acquiescing to being badly treated
  • if you don’t like what’s going on, change it or accept it as Eckhart Tolle says
  • when our minds run away with thoughts of fear and insecurity, we get exhausted
  • if we don’t know what’s going on we innocently add to the pressure with our thinking
  • our actions follow our thinking.
  • Carla gave an example of badly slicing her fingers when doing a task while exhausted
  • attending to letting our minds settle is the single most important thing we can do

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One Thought Changes Everything, Mara Gleason

Dicken Bettinger – search YouTube for his videos

Eckhart Tolle – search YouTube for his videos


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