Here’s what we explored:

  • what about having a little bit of fun every day?
  • sometimes there can be a kind of pride around being ‘sophisticated’
  • silliness can feel like being out of control
  • a light heart is so much more helpful in so called ‘serious’ situations
  • when you get down and serious with others who are down and serious, everything just gets more heavy and serious
  • do we just need permission to bring more playfulness to life?
  • a light heart invites others to lighten up
  • we’re not talking about tone-deaf joking around when others are suffering
  • light-hearted memes and gifs in the midst of difficult situations can bring a moment of lightness and relief
  • those moments of lightness and relief open space for fresh thinking
  • seriousness doesn’t feel too good and is often a barrier to understanding
  • a lighter heart opens self and others to more openness, curiosity, and tenderness
  • the brain loves play: we feel better and find more flow
  • how does playfulness help the bottom line?
  • you have to rest and restore to be effective at looking after the bottom line
  • is playfulness a superpower?
  • a definition of success: being happy with who we are, what we have, and what we are doing, right now
  • when you allow yourself to enjoy what you’re doing, it isn’t just a more pleasurable experience, it impacts what you’re doing
  • innocently we say, I can’t be happy until I’m good at this task/job/project?
  • we may notice that playfulness is easy in some areas of life, for Carla
  • in other areas we may bring lots of fear and judgment to things, believing we have to get it right
  • when we ‘enjoy’ tasks, it’s simply because we don’t have too much thinking on our mind
  • it’s cool to notice we may be holding heavy, serious perceptions about a task which we aren’t actually doing right now
  • sometimes we hold these perceptions in our imagination and experience all the seriousness of our thinking, mistakenly believing it is the task giving us the experience
  • a great question for journaling: what would this look like, if it was easy?
  • you bring your state of mind to life not the other way round
  • if you are in an irritated state of mind, everything in your awareness will feel irritating
  • you are literally living in the experience of irritation
  • any moment has the possibility to be anything in your experience
  • you can’t focus on the problem and the solution at the same time
  • problem thinking creates an experience of problems
  • perfectionism is a joy killer
  • getting something 80% done, is good enough
  • you can always refine and upgrade
  • when we are tight and serious and constricted around something, it is hard going
  • as an experiment: what would it be like to go into something totally playful and curious. Try it with something that is not high stakes
  • when we deeply realise the wholeness at our core, we get less interested in striving to be perfect
  • people want a richer internal life, why wouldn’t they?
  • Carla is seeing clients recognising the toxicity of the perfectionist culture and she encourages them to get more real
  • finding the courage to go into something with more authenticity. Dropping the masks
  • stand in your own knowing when you get ideas that seem left field
  • this time is fertile ground for innovation: for new ideas to emerge, for people who don’t consider themselves as leaders to come forward
  • when we are being authentic and true to what resonates, people are attracted to that
  • they are attracted to the quiet knowing rather than the idea itself
  • we’re here to invite each other into a quieter space and what people will do in that space is up to them
  • it’s an exciting time
  • we invite listeners to experiment with more playfulness in their lives

Quotes and References

  • Painting with John (HBO series)
  • Kintsugi – Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with golden lacquer

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