Here’s what we explored:

  • often we celebrate the big events but not our successes along the way
  • are we rushing on to the next thing, without taking time to celebrate?
  • when we complete something, celebrating can replenish us
  • the brain’s negativity bias can keep us from enjoying the good, the true, and the beautiful
  • can we intentionally look for the good, the true, and the beautiful?
  • it can feel a bit threatening to the primitive brain that wants to stay in hyper-vigilant mode
  • when we feel good it can induce a bit of panic, fearing the other shoe is going to drop
  • well, the other shoe is going to drop!
  • if we worry less, we are more resourced to deal with it when it happens
  • to be relaxed is to drop your guard – over-ride the primitive urge
  • celebrating is a way to intentionally over-ride that
  • we feel a little more inspiration, a surge of energy, a little more motivation
  • the sound and feel of celebration is just such a lovely invitation
  • ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’
  • if we wait for the world to give us something to celebrate and stay in vigilance, we will only see what’s wrong
  • what we bring to life, we get: bring celebration to life and we find things to celebrate
  • does reward have to be based on productivity, output, speed, and numbers?
  • what if we celebrated waking up, the fact the sun rose, we have clean air?
  • celebration is connected to wonder
  • when you wonder at the miracle of Life, it releases so much fun, gratitude, and joy
  • we can become burdened by the responsibility of taking care of others in business or our family and lose our ability to enjoy our lives
  • we’ve made a false correlation between ‘hard work’ and output
  • we falsely believe that if we’re not working hard, there must be something wrong
  • when we believe that seriousness and stress are necessary for productivity, we live in the feeling of seriousness and stress
  • when we look to enjoy what we do, we’ll get that feeling of enjoyment
  • sounds too simple but try it for yourselves
  • we learn best from play
  • often our initial success is done without too much thinking
  • celebration can restore that playfulness
  • when we don’t think there’s anything on it we are more responsive
  • when our state of mind goes down in the basement, everything looks difficult and very compelling
  • in that state of mind, our view gets constricted and we get exactly that experience of things being difficult
  • when we are light-hearted, our mind is open and we get in the flow and things feel easy and fun
  • we experience that putting this podcast together
  • fascinating to see how our business can thrive without the experience of stress and struggle
  • interruptions for example can become a big problem if we get really serious about them
  • if we don’t take interruptions so seriously we can surf the wave of interruptions and be flexible, even find unexpected treasure in interruptions
  • a shift in perspective can be so helpful
  • it’s interesting to look closely at what we are telling ourselves about productivity
  • are we missing the heart of things, the possibility of connection and joy in every interaction
  • our opinions get us into trouble
  • what is before our opinions?
  • when we get less fascinated with our opinions, we get to smell the roses more and enjoy life more
  • connected conversations are so nourishing
  • when we are not feeling connected with ourselves and Life, celebration can be a way of connecting with divine spirit
  • Carla and Juliet are in the business of connection
  • when we are constricted, we feel more separate and so the primitive brain responses get louder
  • when we are in connected conversation, we psychologically relax and we get access to more wisdom
  • we can notice this with pets: we don’t have so much thinking, so we get to enjoy them
  • if we look before thought and feeling, we can find more space
  • the sky is like our essence, it is always there, storm clouds, like thoughts and feelings, come and go
  • when we measure how we’re doing by how we feel, we are missing the ever-present sky
  • there’s less to do when we realise thoughts and feelings are just passing through. No need to comment on them, rearrange them or figure out where they came from.
  • as humans, we have all kinds of thoughts and feelings all day long
  • we can bring celebration to life. Try it!

Quotes and References

  • Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl
  • Long Strange Trip – a documentary about Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead
  • In Quest of the Pearl by Sydney Banks
  • Rocket Man 2019 film about Elton John’s early years
  • Pinky Piglet the blind, deaf dog on Facebook

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