Here’s what we explored:

  • we have lots of ideas about where freedom lies
  • we may think lots of money would give us freedom
  • Carla notices financially highly successful people experience high motivation when they begin their enterprises. It was fun
  • Carla notices the same people can get weighed down worrying about maintaining their finances, scared of losing their money
  • we may think more time would give us more freedom
  • some people turn to self-employment thinking they would be free of the tyranny of the 9-5
  • yet sometimes micro-entrepreneurs found they were working longer hours and had less freedom
  • when we make changes to ‘get more freedom’, the reality doesn’t always match up to our vision
  • it’s interesting how we get caught in an illusion that different circumstances will give us freedom
  • there is another kind of freedom that everyone wants, freedom of mind
  • many of us have a negative inner narrative that is dramatic and critical
  • when we take our thinking less seriously, we find freedom: to see more possibilities, enjoy life more, and feel more alive
  • there are no set of circumstances: person, place, job, business, hobby that can give you peace
  • when we make the mistake of thinking that changing our circumstances will give us peace of mind we get caught in cycles of perpetually chasing ‘better’ circumstances
  • freedom doesn’t come from getting stuff or getting rid of our responsibilities, it is a deeper freedom, it comes from within
  • the idea of a heavenly afterlife led Carla to believe she had to gut it out here on earth and get her reward later
  • freedom of mind doesn’t mean we don’t try to change systems of oppression or get free of oppression
  • we can use spiritual seeking to bypass life, we can become detached and in denial
  • you get disconnected and startlingly unempathetic
  • it comes, like all experiences, from the power of Thought
  • freedom of mind looks like not holding on tight, trying to control our experience, it’s more about opening to the aliveness of experience
  • what gets in the way of opening to experience is the belief that we can’t face loss
  • loss of things, people, physical capacity, and ultimately death
  • freedom to accept the human parts of ourselves as well as the divine parts
  • spiritual bypassing can deny the messiness of our human experience
  • this urge to only share our wins, our magazine smiles, denies the screw-ups in our life
  • when people share their messy sides, it feels more authentic, more trustworthy
  • It’s not either divine or human, we’re both human and divine
  • when things are in opposition, the conflict or tension takes all the oxygen
  • then we look to escape either into base human desires or spiritual detachment
  • we miss so much when we get caught in the opposition of things
  • when we open to both, the divine enriches our humanness and vice versa
  • you can connect to the divine parts of you without all the dogma and judgment
  • when Juliet went offline, she discovered so much more time available
  • it’s similar to when we stop paying attention from all our controlling, judgemental, insecure, constricting thoughts: there’s so much more space
  • when Carla lived in Vermont with limited internet, she felt really open and enjoyed nature more than before
  • it’s similar to what happens when the noise in our minds settles down
  • we’ve lost connection to ourselves
  • the root of freedom is connection with our deepest self

Quotes and References

  • Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl
  • Grit and Grace by Ken Wilbur

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