Here’s what we explored:

  • notice what habitually clutters your headspace, eg worry
  • notice what else you gather or hoard in your life or business, eg courses
  • holding on to clutter in the mind or in our space often comes from a sense of scarcity
  • we often hold on to things because we have a sense they may be needed one day
  • is the clutter a deluded way we try to keep ourselves safe?
  • putting good ideas out for recycling
  • making a parking space for good ideas
  • overwhelm and stress often makes clear decision making difficult, our brains get very dramatic
  • we have periods of indecision and uncertainty and then decisions do get made
  • there is an ebb and flow in our experience: clarity amid the clutter then back in the clutter
  • giving ourselves permission to go with that ebb and flow, get comfortable with it
  • often clarity comes on the flip side of things falling apart, of loss
  • releasing and surrendering to what is, often opens a beautiful space of clarity where there’s nothing on our mind
  • finding laughter, softening towards the antics of our dramatic brains and our ridiculousness opens up space
  • seriousness is a red flag, catching it in ourselves often lightens the mood
  • ask yourself, ‘if I was light-hearted in this situation, in what way would that be unhelpful?’
  • we experience the world not as it is, but via our perceptions
  • we don’t need to change the stories, seeing our stories about ourselves, others and the world is often enough for them to start to lose their grip
  • you begin to get a space for something that isn’t a better story but is beyond or before the stories
  • tools and techniques without understanding are just a distraction
  • with understanding, you need fewer and fewer tools and techniques
  • insight is what helps deepen understanding
  • when we are very results-focused, we are imagining what it would mean to achieve the results, but how can we know what the experience would actually be like?
  • notice how many inventive and creative ways we imagine will bring us relief, wellbeing, peace of mind, and security
  • once we identify ourselves with things outside ourselves eg money, relationships, physical health, material things, we suffer
  • as get less and less on our minds, life gets simpler and simpler
  • when we feel flat, paradoxically, our mind’s are very busy (even if we are not aware)
  • in a busy mind, we tend to try to control everything
  • as you connect more and more with who you fundamentally are, more and more drops off your mind and our innate wisdom bubbles up more and more
  • often when we think there’s a big problem with no solution, it is because our mind is ramped up and we’ve lost sight of our own wisdom and clarity
  • wisdom comes in all shapes and sizes
  • as you get eyes and ears for wisdom you see it in others and yourself more and more
  • when we try to fix ourselves and others it is disempowering and means we lose sight of wisdom
  • there is a beautiful freedom when the clutter and trying to control falls away

Quotes and References

  • Film: What we did on our holiday (2014), Rosamund Pike, Billy Connolly and David Tenant
  • Jamie Smart says you only have two problems: you have too much on your mind and you don’t really know who you are.
  • The deeper you listen, the smarter people get

Thank you for listening, we’d love to hear your reflections and questions. 


Carla is a mindset & performance coach working with high-achieving, high-performance entrepreneurs who are dealing quietly with anxiety.

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