Here’s what we explored:

  • Feeling all kinds of emotions at the same time and how that doesn’t need to be a problem
  • We can feel curious and terrified, happy and sad
  • simply feeling emotions rather than analysing and judging them, enables them to flow more freely
  • when we get stuck, is when we get overly attached to the meaning we’re making of how we’re feeling
  • we have an incredible capacity to simply feel our emotions
  • we get in trouble when we split off from that and go into analysis
  • there’s intelligence in our emotions, not meaning but intelligence
  • in deep grief there is love
  • in every emotion, at root, there is love
  • as we get more of a sense of our deeper essence, we get kinder towards our experience
  • what can stop us wanting to feel, is fearing losing control
  • more and more places where we are trying to hold on become visible
  • control dropping away is something Juliet fears and longs for all at the same time
  • just out of sight, is a huge expanse of love
  • control is all about fear and trying to keep the separate self, safe
  • control gives us an illusion of safety but actually holds us prisoner
  • hyper-analysis and judgment of our experience/how we feel can cause a whole lot of suffering
  • and yet, we can be kind there too
  • we’re noticing we can show up, feeling vulnerable and just see what happens, there’s nothing on it
  • there’s a gentleness available as we understand the nature of our experience deeper and deeper
  • when we don’t know, it can be a really fertile space if we can just rest there and not be freaked out by it
  • when we find ourselves in a situation when we can see you have no control it can be a reckoning, a kind of fork in the road. Can we surrender?
  • it causes a lot of stain on our system to try and hold on to control
  • there’s a lot of freedom in being able to have emotions and let them move through you freely
  • the nature of the human experience is ebb and flow: control and surrender; being in your heart or your head; fear and love
  • the storm always runs out of rain, even when we feel off centre, we can know we’ll come back
  • the awareness of something deeper begins to come more and more into the foreground
  • our emotions are simply inviting us to get present, to come into the present moment and experience them
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Carla is a mindset & performance coach working with high-achieving, high-performance entrepreneurs who are dealing quietly with anxiety.

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Poet & 3 Principles facilitator, Juliet loves exploring and pointing towards freedom of mind for those curious to engage more fully with all aspects of their life. 

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