A deep dive into the Three Principles as expressed by Sydney Banks

  • What if you knew love was always available from within, regardless of your past, current or future circumstances?
  • What if experiencing the Truth of this is ALL we need to navigate life’s ups and downs with more ease?
  • What if the only thing that EVER takes us away from that felt sense, is thinking that looks true in the moment?

If you are looking to feel more grounded amid turbulent events, this is the programme for you. If you have an interest in what lies beyond the busy mind chatter, this is for you. If you know there is more appreciation, awe, love, compassion, clarity and beauty available but you find more often you are in doubt, judgement or criticism (self or others) then come along to hear the invitation for a deep dive into the relaxed, alert, ordinary dimension of wisdom and presence where we come more fully alive. The space of Endless Love.

Join me, Juliet and Judy for Endless Love, a deep dive into the heart of the Three Principles teachings. We are excited to be offering this programme at this time.

Dates and Times
3 x 2hr sessions over one week in April

Wed 6, Thu 7 & Wed 13 Apr 7-9pm BST, Cardiff, UK, 11am-1pm PCT, California, US,
New Zealand times are a day later: Thu 7, Fri 8 & Thu 14 Apr 6-8am NZST

Scholarships available (email me, if price is a barrier but you feel called to join)

Any questions? Email me.

The programme is open to all, so please share with friends and colleagues.


About the facilitators

Judy and Juliet have been friends and colleagues for 6 years and both are passionate about sharing what they see about the human condition to point people to uncover their innate health and wholeness. They have each seen extraordinary changes in their relationship with their own minds.

Juliet Fay is a registered Three Principles Practitioner on the 3 Principles Global Community register and Judy Nakhies is an Apprentice Practitioner with the same organisation. You can connect with Judy via Facebook