Looking for a greater sense of connection to people, place and planet?

If you feel a deep dissonance in your experience but can’t put your finger on the root of it and you are ready to commit to seeing something new about your experience, I offer a limited number of 3 day Immersions into the understanding known as the Three Principles (as articulated by Sydney Banks). This is a gift I invite you to consider giving to yourself.

As the name suggests it is a mini retreat where you come away from the day to day distractions of your life and work and commit to 3 days experiencing something deeper and exploring this understanding of how the mind works, where our experience is coming from and getting curious about what’s powering our experience of Life.

Who is it for?

You may already have come across the 3 principles and be exploring this understanding through books, webinars, one day events or online courses. Or this understanding may be completely new to you. Either way this is an opportunity to take up the invitation to experience of a deeper dimension of being. This is an invitation to see beyond your current experience, understand more about how this human experience works and to get deeply curious about what is beyond the ebb and flow of your ever changing thoughts and feelings. A willingness to come with an open mind and see what arises in you are as important as the financial investment you make.

This is an opportunity to step out of your every day life and explore this understanding with me on a kind of mini retreat.

What it looks like

Before you invest in the Immersion you have the chance for a free no obligation call with me for us to see if this is a good fit. Schedule your free no obligation call now.

Updated 2020: This immersion is now offered virtually and we can connect to see if and when it may be offered in person.

The 3 Day Immersion consists of 4 x 45-60 minute sessions per day over Zoom. Whether in person or online, the retreat consists of long breaks when much of the ‘work’ gets done. In between our sessions together is a time for you to relax, enjoy some quiet time in nature or doing gentle activity while also listening to materials recommended by me.

You will get the most from this immersion if you can disconnect from your work and home life as much as possible. Clearing the decks to focus solely on the retreat.

After the Immersion you can continue to email me with comments, reflections or questions and we can meet up for a follow up 40 minute 1:2:1 session within 2 months of taking part in the Immersion.

As on any kind of retreat, you will want to be able to disconnect as much as possible from other distractions and immerse yourself completely in this conversation. What I bring to this offering is being in connection with you from the moment you book and complete the pre-immersion reflection, throughout our 3 days together and on for the two months following the retreat and being available by email for any follow up reflections or questions.

What will happen?

I can’t offer you specific outcomes because what emerges from these conversations is unique to you. It is an opportunity to tap into your own inner resources of wisdom, love, compassion and creativity. An opportunity to realise how the mind actually works and what our true nature is. From that exploration who knows what may occur? Some people take on new projects, some drop old projects or habits, some simply find they have freedom for new ideas to develop. Many simply go and live their life with ever more ease, love and joy in the everyday. This is not the end of the exploration, but a deep immersion that can catalyze a deeper appreciation and love for the gift of life.

For me the experience of looking deeply at this understanding in the presence of those who are in their own well-being and love, has seen a profound shift in my relationship to my feeling states and moods. This has allowed me to focus on what I might bring to the world rather than worrying so much about how I am doing or trying to fix how I feel. Some things have changed on the outside but the real, life changing shift, has been on the inside.

If this resonates for you, please contact me by email initially and we can set up a time for a no obligation, free half hour conversation where we can decide if this is the programme for you.

Price on application.

Please schedule a free 30 minute conversation to find out if this is a good fit for you.

The small print

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately describe this programme and its potential. What each individual will discover from this experience is unique to them and no specific outcome can be guaranteed. This programme facilitates an educational conversation not a therapeutic intervention.