About Juliet Fay

I divide my time between West Wales, UK and West Coast, US, sharing and teaching in a variety of ways:  group programmes, online gatherings, consultations and creating poetry, artworks, photographs and writings.

I love the circular nature of things. Throughout my life, from Worcester to Wales via Papua New Guinea, from organic farming to marketing to community development to mental health education, I have always been longing for ‘home’ – that sense of ‘all is well’, deeper than the ever changing weather of my emotions.

As both student and teacher we can discover more and more possibilities for profound love, understanding, joy and ease in our experience, regardless of what is showing up. This is profoundly practical in our daily lives and healing for the world. Nowadays, my intention is to pay attention to ways I can appreciate, share and point to this deeper dimension of being.

I invite you to explore the blog, take a look at the Gatherings & Programmes, find out about booking consultations if you’re inclined and you can sign up to my mailing list for adhoc emails. You can email me via the contact form.

Many thanks