About Juliet Fay

Looking for adventure

With so many possibilities for adventure I had a hard time choosing a career path when I was younger. Broadly speaking I wanted to do something that enhanced society and the environment rather than harming it. That led me to a variety of occupations: overseas development worker, organic grower & Farmers’ Market trader, trainer, Marketing Geek and now a Poet and Three Principles Facilitator.

A love of written and verbal communication has been a constant in all my various incarnations. Yet alongside all these projects, I was always interested in what lay beyond the tick tock, everyday world, in what lay beyond the edges of what I knew. I was searching for something that would make sense of the world and my role in it.

The rational versus the spiritual

That search led me to Buddhism, dowsing and to all kinds of books and theories. Yet at the same time, I had a strong resistance to anything that sounded too much like new age mumbo jumbo and would often reject the very things I was exploring or seem to forget about experiences I’d had. And it bothered me that the majority of people seemed to just get on with life without all this questioning and soul searching. That led to a niggling sense that there was something fundamentally wrong with me, that I couldn’t just get on and be happy. 

That push – pull consumed a great deal of mental energy and perhaps diverted me from a more felt sense of the deeper rhythms of life yet at the same time, how a part of me has always longed to immerse myself in just that.

Losing myself

But I didn’t. I gradually got busier and busier raising a family, running businesses and over a decade or so, gradually lost sight of my mental wellbeing to an extent that was frightening for me and those around me. The more I tried to fix how I felt, the worse it got and my emotions seemed to be entirely out of control. My life as I knew it, and wanted it to be, fell apart and I had no real idea what was going on.

During that descent, I tried so many things: meditation, mindfulness, medication, jogging, affirmations, cognitive behaviour therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, Schema therapy, dietary changes, chanting, yoga and read endless self-help books. Often things helped a bit or for a while, but there didn’t seem to be any lasting, sustainable change. In fact things seemed to be getting worse. The peace of mind I craved seemed to be more and more elusive. Looking back, I was indefatigable in trying to figure out solutions.

Looking towards wellbeing & resilience

Then in 2016, The Three Principles came across my path when I watched a recording of an interview between Molly Gordon, a Seattle based transformational coach and Mary Schiller, a New York author and coach, now living in Paris. The title of the interview was “Can an insight cure PTSD?“. This first glimpse of a new understanding of human experience intrigued me, it seemed to hold the missing link I had been looking for. So I immersed myself in finding out more about the Three Principles as articulated by Sydney Banks.

Wisdom & wellbeing

Here was an understanding that talked about innate wellbeing, how we ALL have this at our core even when we aren’t feeling it in the moment; it talked too of experientially realising the deeper intelligence that animates and guides us and crucially, what was new for me: the fact that our experience is being created via thought in the moment (conscious or unconscious). Always. Without exception. Here was an understanding that pointed not to what was wrong with me but to what was universal for me and all human beings. I was intrigued.

This was unlike any other learning I had undertaken. A deepening understanding occurs through insight, or a change of heart which leads to profound and sustainable change as we come more and more into alignment with our True Nature or wake up to the spiritual nature of life. Insight is encouraged through gentle conversation, speaking from a place of connectedness and wellbeing which in turn invites others to connect with that place in themselves. From that place or state, wisdom arises more and more.

A commitment to my own wellbeing and sharing this with others

Exploring the spiritual nature of life is now front and centre for me and I feel delighted and privileged that I get to do this and to walk alongside others interested in what lies beyond the ever changing thoughts and feelings coursing through our minds. It feels like a journey of exploration and discovery that has no end. My learning so far has included being present with some wonderful teachers and working with diverse people from around the world. Here’s a brief round up.

  • One Solution Conference, early on in my journey I found myself on a plane to Oslo, in May 2016 attending a conference, looking at how a shift in understanding, is the source of solutions for some of the world’s most intractable problems e.g. in refugees in The Gaza strip, corruption in the Kenyan Police Force, emergency relief in the aftermath of extreme weather events such as the earthquakes in Nepal. 
  • Short programmes with Mary Schiller April/May 2016
  • Art of Living online course with Molly Gordon, Shaboom Inc
  • Volunteer 3 Principles Facilitator with Beyond Recovery Prison Programme working in HMP at Onley
  • 9 month Insight Space Three Principles Facilitator Training with Ian Watson and Carol Boroughs
  • Volunteer Three Principles facilitator MIND (mental health charity) Llanelli Welcome Centre, Mar – Dec 2017
  • 3PUK Conference, London, May 2017
  • Jun 2017 – ongoing – private programmes and 1:2:1 conversations around the Three Principles, Marketing and Sharing the Principles with groups.
  • Three Principles School, Salt Spring Island, Canada with Chip Chipman and Elsie Spittle June 2017
  • Volunteer host Facebook community: LOVE YOUR LIFE AGAIN (Moods & how to survive them), curating content for 200+ members 2017-18 (now archived)
  • Writing poetry and songs, recording spoken word performances with video and stills, collaborating with others.
  • Community Leadership Workshops with Judith Sedgeman & the Centre for Sustainable Change Autumn 2017
  • April 2018, Walking Well Leader course
  • 3PUK Conference, London, May 2018
  • Small group mentoring programme by Carol Boroughs of Signposts October/November 2017
  • Three Principles facilitator for MIND (mental health charity) Llanelli Welcome Centre, Jan 2018 – ongoing
  • Summer 2018- present, Creative Writing group facilitator for MIND Llanelli Welcome Centre
  • Participant in Soul to Soul Conversations with Dr Rita Shuford (February to May 2018)
  • Small group mentoring programme by Carol Boroughs of Signposts March/April 2018
  • Journey to Wholeness a 9 month programme with the Insight Space led by Ian Watson and Carol Boroughs Oct 2018 to June 2019.
  • December/January 2018-19 house sitting on retreat in the mountains of the Peloponnese peninsular in Greece
  • Mentor Wellbeing Coach for The Wisdom and Wellbeing Consultancy, London UK 2018- present, 1:2:1 mentoring of participants training to become Wellbeing Coaches in the workplace.

For those interested in this exploration, I offer intensive 1:2:1 programmes, virtually via the Zoom platform or in person where possible. If you’d like to book a half hour complimentary call with me, to see if we are a good fit to work together, please email me. You can read some feedback here.

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