About Juliet Fay


One time overseas development worker, organic grower & Farmers’ Market trader, trainer, Marketing Geek and now a Three Principles Facilitator. Written and verbal communication has been the constant in all my various incarnations.

The Three Principles came across my path when I watched a recording of an interview between Molly Gordon, a Seattle based transformational coach and Mary Schiller, a New York author and coach, now living in Paris. The title of the interview was “Can an insight cure PTSD?“. This first glimpse of a new understanding of human experience intrigued me and led to immersing myself in finding out more about the Three Principles as articulated by Sydney Banks.

In May 2016, I found myself in Oslo at The One Solution conference where I heard more about how this understanding is transforming lives in some of the most challenging situations across the globe such as during the earthquakes in Nepal, in the refugee camps of the Gaza strip and even tackling corruption in the Kenyan Police Force.

I completed two online courses with Molly Gordon and a private coach training programme with Mary Schiller in  2016 and in May 2017 I graduated from The Insight Space, Three Principles Facilitator Training, a nine month group programme with Ian Watson and Carol Boroughs delivered online and at Regents University, London. As my experience of the ups and downs of my own life improved, my desire to share this understanding has increased.

In the Autumn of 2016, I volunteered with Jacqueline Hollow’s Beyond Recovery programme which is transforming the lives of those affected by drug addiction and the criminal justice system. In March 2017, I began facilitating group programmes for service users, staff and volunteers at the Mind Welcome Centre in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, Wales. In June 2017, I was thrilled to attend The Three Principles Foundation’s Three Principles School with Chip Chipman and Elsie Spittle on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada.

In August 2017, I was moved to set up a Facebook Group, Love Your Life Again for individuals, social care workers and social entrepreneurs experiencing mental stress and looking for more ease and flow in life and work. A place to look towards a deeper understanding of who we are and how our experience gets created. This is an extension of the work I do at a local mental health charity facilitating conversations with members, staff and volunteers. I wanted to create an online space where we can continue these conversations. Please ask to join. Once you are a member you can invite others into the group.

Along the way I have connected with others in Wales who are interested in sharing this understanding through work in diverse fields. If this is you please contact me as we are forming a loose network to collaborate, share ideas and generally hang out together.