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What riches lie beneath the gloom?

When the gloom descends there is an invitation to be humble in the face of powerful forces sweeping through us. An invitation to open wide just as we yearn to close down. To hold up the light and look for undiscovered treasure. To dance on the cusp of awareness of the...

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A few words on the holiday season

Photo: © Juliet Fay November 2017 Because we are human with human connections, the holiday season seems to heighten things: love and loss; fear and delight; hope and expectation. Just knowing it's a time when Life seems to go crazy with the saturation filter can help...

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Leave go

For there, just out of sight, is a space where we don’t need to hold things so tightly. Where there is nowhere to fall but into grace. Where stories of self and others flutter like Autumn leaves, falling, falling to gently decompose as winter turns to Spring and...

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