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Fancy a life-long, all inclusive cruise?

Photo by Multa Media on Unsplash Before I left for a trip across the pond to the US, memories of my grandfather surfaced. He dreamt of a cruise across the Atlantic on an ocean liner but my Grandmother’s sickness on her one, and only, sea crossing (to Norway), put paid...

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“All boats rise with the tide”

On the estuary where I live a rusty old fishing boat sits on the sand. I don't know when it last went out to sea and yet at the rise of the tide this boat comes to life for a few hours, bobbing on the water. When I see that boat, I often think of a moment I felt great...

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Loving what is ….

LOVING WHAT IS..... To fall deeply and hopelessly in love with what is; Is to sigh and leave go all the what IFs, To-do lists, regrets, hopes and dreams, Tightly packed in our little knapsacks.   And to bask instead in the early morning Sunlight filtering through the...

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What’s left behind?

I’d heard there was a lost settlement round the headland, a couple of miles south of the coastal village where I live. Nearby stands a now, rather isolated, Norman church commanding a magnificent view of the estuary. Curious, I ventured past the World War II look out,...

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What riches lie beneath the gloom?

When the gloom descends there is an invitation to be humble in the face of powerful forces sweeping through us. An invitation to open wide just as we yearn to close down. To hold up the light and look for undiscovered treasure. To dance on the cusp of awareness of the...

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