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Leave go

For there, just out of sight, is a space where we don’t need to hold things so tightly. Where there is nowhere to fall but into grace. Where stories of self and others flutter like Autumn leaves, falling, falling to gently decompose as winter turns to Spring and...

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Like many, I have wondered whether to say anything about the events in Charlottesville and its aftermath and if so, what to say, fearing I may be speaking without fully understanding what I am seeing.... And I realised we always speak and act from the understanding we...

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Poem: Half Way Up The Stairs

Half way up the stairs Half way up the stairs Is a thought that I get. There isn’t any other Thought quite like it. It’s not one to wait, It can’t be denied, It’s always very interesting And interrupts my stride. August 2017 © 2017 Juliet Fay   With thanks to my...

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