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Curious about the magic and mystery of life? Let’s talk! I’m Juliet Fay, registered Three Principles Practitioner and poet, looking forward to working together with you to wake up to more and more of the magic and mystery of life through understanding the power of imagination and the power behind it.

I work with people from a variety of backgrounds, from different parts of the world. The common denominator is they are all curious about the intangible, the deeper dimensions of being, the magic and the mystery of life. Something glimpsed, intuited or felt at various times yet elusive. At the same time they can feel bogged down by a variety of issues eg stress, addiction, trauma, loss, relationship issues, career issues, social issues. Typically during key life changes an opening can occur, a willingness to see something deeper. Life changes could be eg a promotion, starting a new enterprise, closing a business, pregnancy, menopause, retirement, children leaving home, separation, estrangement, caring responsibilities, chronic illness, bereavement, divorce, redundancy or loss.

I offer sessions sharing the understanding known as the Three Principles, a new paradigm based on the fact we all have innate mental health. Working with those new to the Three Principles and those who have been around this understanding for some time and those who share this understanding with others.

This understanding points you towards your innate wellness, resilience and connection to the deeper intelligence behind life. To the magic and mystery of life that young children instinctively and intimately know, yet as adults we often forget. Usually a few sessions will suffice, as this insight based learning, once initiated, tends to continue for those who glimpse something of the nature of Mind, Consciousness and Thought, as expressed by Sydney Banks.

In one to one sessions, you get the chance to learn about this new paradigm about how the mind works and where our experience is coming from. Realising even a glimpse of the truth of this, is the foundation for more resilience, common sense, wisdom, compassion, love and joy which helps you navigate through life with more lightness, ease, appreciation and awe. Bringing more grace with the ups and downs of a fast changing world. Igniting renewed hope and faith in the human spirit. I bring a deep commitment to living from the Truth of what I have seen and offer attention, love, understanding, presence and the intention to listen deeply to what is arising and share what I see that is helpful to point you towards this understanding and your own deeper knowing. It is insight that brings about a new understanding, not intellectual learning. There are no tools or techniques to learn. Through heartfelt conversations and an openness to hearing something new, lives can transform.

Before I work with someone new, I ask that we have an initial conversation, a Discovery Call, to give us both the chance to see if we are a good fit and whether I think I can be of service in conversation with you. If you’d like to work with me, email me so we can set up a time for a free Discovery Call (up to 45 mins).

Introduction to the Three Principles

If you are new to the Three Principles understanding, I recommend a series of 6 sessions, usually weekly, via Zoom, telephone or in person.

Guide price: £950 payable in advance (unless otherwise agreed).

Sessions are up to 75 minutes each.

Curious? To find out if we are a good fit, get in touch via the contact form and we can schedule time for a free Discovery Call (up to 45 minutes).

3 Day Immersion

In person or via Zoom, a 3 Day Immersion offers you the chance to take a deep dive into the Three Principles understanding. You’ll want to clear your schedule for the 3 days to allow yourself to quiet down and hear what the Three Principles understanding is pointing you to: your True Nature and how your experience gets created. A series of short sessions over the 3 days are interspersed with recommended listening/viewing or watching and encouragement to relax and enjoy yourself during the breaks and each evening.

Guide price: £2500

Interested? Get in touch via the contact form. with details of your location and interest and availability. I can tailor an immersion for you after we’ve had an initial discovery call (free with no obligation).

Deep Dive Mentoring Packages

If you’re looking to deepen your understanding, navigate through life changes or have someone alongside as you bump up against your edges, this is for you. If you feel stuck in life, you want to launch a new enterprise or you are in a period of reflection, it can help to have a space holder along side you. I invite you to come into this programme willing to be vulnerable, curious and not to know.

Deepening our capacity for love, understanding and acceptance is a lifelong process and the reward for such commitment? Bounty for self and others. Not always what we expect, not always easy or smooth and certainly not an escape hatch from the joys and sorrows of life but rich beyond measure.

For me, especially during these times, there can be no better use of this ‘one wild and precious life’, than to look towards the mystery of life and commit to living the Truth of what we know day by day. This takes faith and courage. Everything else in our life flows from our level of understanding and how much we are able to integrate what we understand. And sometimes we need someone in our corner to invite, challenge and ask. If you’re drawn to mentoring with me you can email any questions, ask to set up a discovery call or ask to register.


  • Subject to availability
  • Six sessions on Zoom, 60-75 minutes each
  • Different time zones and schedules may be accommodated.

Payment in advance

Email any questions or to register. If you’d like to chat with me to see if this is for you, email me and we’ll set up a short discovery call. Price on application.

Alternatively if you have worked with me before or already come across the Three Principles understanding, you can either book a 3, 6 or 12 month mentoring package (bespoke with agreed fee) or individual 90 minute mentoring sessions (guide price* £175 per session). I love mentoring people, especially those curious to invite more sense of the magic and mystery of life, right where we are.

Email me to find out more. Mentoring sessions offer you the chance to study and explore the Principles more deeply with a fellow student/teacher.


Many students of the Three Principles tend to stay in the conversation to deepen their understanding through self study (books and webinars, many freely available on You Tube), attending group programmes, gatherings and trainings or becoming a mentee. See what Gatherings and Programmes are on offer with me or email me to suggest gatherings you’d like to see.

(*Guide price: If the guide price is beyond your means and you feel very drawn to working with me, email me as I’m happy to offer reduced rates). Consultations are usually available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

I offer consultations via Zoom or in person or walking consultations, if you are local to Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK. Please contact me to check availability.