Disclosure and Disclaimer

Juliet Fay is not a medical or mental health professional, she is a trained Three Principles facilitator. Nothing on this website should be taken as medical advice.

Black Lives Matter – a statement by Juliet Fay

The murder of George Floyd touched me in a way similar acts of police brutality have not. I began to wake up to something that has been hidden: my own unconscious bias around race, class and wealth and how I have benefited and continue to benefit from inherently racist systems in education, business, health and the arts here in the UK and globally. I have begun a process of re-education to understand more about black history and current systems in the UK and US in particular with a view to understanding how I might join with others to be an anti-racist agent for change in my life and work, to help build a fairer, more equitable society, with justice, respect and freedom for all (people, creatures, plants and planetary resources). It is a work in progress. 

26th July 2020