Facebook Group: Love Your Life Again

Facebook Group Love Your Life Again sharing The Three Principles Understanding as expressed by Sydney Banks

If you are looking for a place to join like minds interested in conversations about this new psycho spiritual understanding, I invite you to join a Facebook group called Love Your Life Again for individuals, social care workers and social entrepreneurs experiencing mental stress (or serving those who do) and looking for more ease and flow in life and work. A place to look towards a deeper understanding of who we are and how our experience gets created.

Here we can connect and share insights into a new understanding of how the mind works known as The Three Principles as first articulated by Sydney Banks. Hosted by Juliet Fay of Solcare. This is an extension of the work I do at a local mental health charity facilitating conversations with members, staff and volunteers. I wanted to create an online space where we can continue these conversations.

Please ask to join. Once you are a member you can invite others into the group. If you want to find out more about Juliet Fay check out the About page. 


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