Are you a facilitator in Wales or would you like to be sharing the 3 principles via your work?

Three Principles Facilitators Carolina Gallardo Barker, Ian Watson and Juliet Fay in London, UK

I have been blessed to deepen my own understanding with some amazing teachers including Chip Chipman, Elsie Spittle,  Ian Watson and Carol Boroughs of the Insight Space and would like to help others deepen their understanding and particularly help those who want to share this understanding through their work.

To that end I have set up an informal network of people in Wales who are interested in sharing this understanding through their work in a variety of different fields. We are currently getting together on an ad hoc basis online and in person.

If you are a 3 Principles facilitator, coach or have an interest in sharing this understanding with others and would like to join the conversation here in Wales please contact me.


This is a new initiative, you can read more about it here. If you are interested in getting involved in running, organising or volunteering at #ListeningPosts in Wales, please get in touch

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