Are you a social entrepreneur, helper, healer or 3P facilitator?

Three Principles Facilitators Carolina Gallardo Barker, Ian Watson and Juliet Fay in London, UK

Working to bring hope and relief to individuals and communities tends to attract big hearted, compassionate people who are moved by the suffering of others. The reality of working for positive change can often be high levels of stress and burnout. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I offer individual and group mentoring to point people towards this understanding of the mind. Those who catch a glimpse of this understanding find they may suddenly or more often gradually get ‘more tuned in’ to the flow of Life and that can result in

  • lower levels of stress
  • greater clarity around decision making
  • better relationships at home and work
  • reduced reliance on ‘unhealthy’ coping mechanisms

As people do more of what makes sense, and let fall away more of what doesn’t makes sense there can be unexpected outcomes:

  • a total change of direction in career or enterprise,
  • new inspirations to create or study
  • ending relationships or beginning new ones
  • new hobbies
  • reducing commitments or taking on previously unthinkable challenges

What can I bring?

I have spent my working life in organisations and micro-enterprises that have sought to broadly make a positive contribution to society and I have also experienced high levels of stress and burnout.

My work has been in a range of areas:

  • adult literacy
  • teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • overseas development (Nepal & Papua New Guinea)
  • fundraising for community projects (UN funding, grant writing, community fundraising)
  • organic food and farming (business development, production, processing, retailing & marketing)
  • training, mentoring & consultancy in marketing & business development (rural sector)
  • facilitating 3 Principles conversations with members of a mental health charity

I have been blessed to deepen my own understanding with some amazing teachers including Chip Chipman, Elsie Spittle, Dr Rita Shuford, Ian Watson and Carol Boroughs of the Insight Space and would like to help others deepen their understanding and particularly help those who are working for social change.


This can be worked out on an individual basis but typically 3-6 sessions are often a good start point. This journey of understanding more deeply how the human system operates is a life-long exploration. Being in conversation, having someone point towards the direction we are looking in (so unlike where most of us have looked for wellbeing, resilience and creativity), seems to activate a deepening of understanding which unfolds as we be, do and share in the world.


Please contact me by email to set up an initial no obligation chat to see if we are a good fit.

Other Resources


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