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Dragon Coaching Circle 

Is there a fire in your belly which you often douse? Do you sidetrack yourself with distraction and doubt? Is 2024 the year you’d like to kick start something different? Do you recognise you can travel further as part of a supportive, encouraging community? Join the Dragon Coaching Circle and unleash your inner dragon. Dragons are wise and all seeing, capable of breathing fire. There are many different tales but in some dragons are humanity’s ally ūüźČ. What could you do if you brought a little dragon energy to your life?

You may want to create something new, change your relationship to your work, build a team, write a book, plant a garden, fit out a camper van, start a community group, move house, move countries, create loving friendships, relationships, start a business, build a nest egg, refresh your work, diversify your income streams, travel independently, thru’ hike, find more physical vitality, live with a more peaceful heart, get fit or take up a challenge. Whatever is moving in you that needs encouragement, this is the place to find it.¬†

It is a new, experimental offering and I’d love you to join me.

The focus is: encouragement – insight – action

I bring my passion for facilitating inspiring spaces for insight and action and new for this offering, I will be giving weekly exercises (15 – 25 minutes). By coaching each other we expand our sense of possibility and agency. This is a highly effective way to fuel your own growth

6 x 90 minutes of live Zoom group coaching (facilitated by me) and join a private Facebook group where you can interact as much as you want. Here you can start sharing insights and actions to create the life you want to live and the world we want to live in.

If you’re not on Facebook, the exercises will be emailed to you and you can email a summary of your insights and actions to me.

Here’s what is offered in the Dragon Coaching Circle.

  • Reflection exercises to open up your mind to what is possible for you
  • Take action exercises to get you moving forward on your dreams
  • Connections with other like minded souls
  • 6 x 90 minutes live on Zoom to coach and encourage each other
  • Each week on Zoom, I will offer an introductory reflection/exercise to invite¬†us into a deep space of stillness and reflection
  • A 10 minute hot seat on each call. One volunteer gets to be live coached each week by the group
  • Opportunity to improve your coaching skills
  • Time to focus on you and your dreams and passions
  • Time to encourage self and others
  • Opportunity to volunteer for the hot seat and be live coached by the group
  • Connection, sharing and taking action threads in the Facebook group
  • I will pop into the Facebook group daily
  • Encouragement – insight – action
  • An invitation to find your inner dragon.


Here’s what you’ll receive when you join the Dragon Coaching Circle

  • Introduction sheet with reflections for the programme
  • Info sheet on volunteering for the hotseat
  • Info sheet on how to coach and encourage others
  • Reflection exercises before the programme begins (by email)
  • 1 x introductory 90 minute Dragon Coaching Circle Zoom call to meet and map the path ahead
  • 4 x live 90 minute¬†Dragon Coaching Circle¬†Zoom calls
  • 1 x closing¬†90 minute Dragon Coaching Circle Zoom call to reflect and plan next steps
  • Chance to volunteer for the hot seat to be coached by the group
  • Weekly reflection exercises (15-25 minutes recommended time needed to complete) by email and in Facebook group
  • Membership in private¬†Dragon Coaching Circle¬†Facebook group
  • Chance to share reflections and actions in the Facebook group
  • I will facilitate the Zoom calls and pop into the Facebook group daily

    Times and dates

    • 6 x 90 minute sessions weekly on Zoom
    • Tuesdays, 19.00-20.30pm GMT (London)
    • 13 February through 19¬†March 2024


    Invest £295.00 to kick start 2024 in a new direction. Make payment now via Paypal and secure your place.

    Bonus: the first two people to sign up also get a one hour 1:2:1 coaching call with me worth £175.00

    I can’t wait to see who joins me!

    Email any questions .

    Listening Beyond the Word *** CANCELLED ***

    In this small, online group gathering, I will be reading from Sydney Banks’ books followed by time for quiet reflection, sharing and questions. I’m delighted to offer this 6 week programme in February and March next year, 2024. I’m delighted to once again share the power of Sydney Banks simple stories and reflections that invite us all into a deeper sense of our aliveness and can open the door for us to hear wisdom.

    6 sessions on Zoom
    Tuesdays 7-8.30pm (London, UK time)
    13 February through 19th March 2024

    £180 per person payable in advance.

    Places are limited.

    Email to register



    I am blessed to be on sabbatical, exploring inside and out. Always happy to hear from readers and fellow explorers, do drop me a line here.

    Email me to find out more about gatherings, or I offer 1:2:1 consultations.

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    2021 Gatherings & Programmes (online)

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    • Daily Gathering (88 days March to May 2020), reading and reflections on the work of Sydney Banks –
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    • Going Deeper – Exploring Beyond the Known (6 weeks)
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