Exploring a deeper connection


When the storm is blowing hard
And the mast looks set to break.
When waves crash and wind roars
And my little boat can take no more

Deep in despair when hope is all but gone
Comes a faint whisper, stirring my soul
Clinging to the mast I give in.
I’m guided through the storm.

When I surrender to that whisper
The storm reveals its majesty and beauty
Opening my arms I become the storm.
Drenched but renewed, I emerge.

Reaching more tranquil waters
I become a light for those who follow
Just as those that went before
Held a lantern for me, on the distant shore

© Juliet Fay 2017

1:2:1 Sessions

If you’ve found your way to this page maybe you’ve hit rock bottom, or you feel the spinning plates are about to come crashing down. Typically you might be in work or self-employed, juggling other responsibilities and feel like you’re losing that battle to keep your head above water.

Though at other times you may still tell yourself if you just focus more, work harder, run more, meditate more, do more mindfulness exercises, be more positive, get some anti-depressants, have some therapy, give up smoking/drinking, lose weight/gain weight, or perhaps, when your finances improve/the mortgage is paid off, the holidays arrive/the holidays are over, the kids go to school/leave school, your partner gets over their current malaise, you get more sleep, your pension pot gets bigger, your in-laws move closer/further away, you lighten up/worry less, live in the present more…..

Add your own, it’ll be okay when……… you get the picture

Or perhaps it is less intense but you just wonder when the light-hearted fun of life went away and why there is so often this pressure that feels like your head is in a vice.

And if there’s a small voice somewhere that keeps niggling you, saying, ‘Really, is this it? Surely not?’

Then I’d like to invite you to connect with me and find out about exploring how an understanding about state of mind and the energy behind life can lead to a life of more ease and flow. To experiencing grace in the lows and a deeper and deeper appreciation, awe and aliveness to the gift of life itself. To explore an understanding known as the Three Principles as expressed by Sydney Banks

I work with people who want a way out of cycles of deep suffering and people who have already turned towards healing and are now getting curious about this whole human experience thing.

I am on the same journey.

My experience was one of poor emotional resilience and a system that was experiencing stress to levels I simply refused to acknowledge. Many generous and loving teachers pointed the way for me and I now feel moved to do the same.

Conversations with me are hosted by zoom, a free to use, online programme and because of this gift of the internet I can work with clients anywhere in the world.

If you’d like to work with me, please contact me so we can set up an initial conversation to see if we are a good fit for each other.