Juliet Fay photo by Hugh Harris

Juliet Fay. Photo © Hugh Harris 2017

The Warren #ListeningPost

During Mental Health Awareness Week here in the UK, in May 2017, I was inspired to get involved with an initiative sparked by Cheri Gillings based in Birmingham in the UK. To quote from her web page,

“A Listening Post is a space in the community where people can receive the gift of being listened to.
Think back, as you read to a time when you really felt listened to, heard, valued without judgments. In those moments when we are really listened to – we get to hear ourselves, we get stuff off our minds and we quiet down enough to see answers.” 

Read more on Cheri’s website

I hosted my first #ListeningPost in a cafe in Carmarthen in May and recorded a couple of videos to tell you more about this brilliant community initiative. Here’s the before video talking about what inspired me about Cheri’s idea ……..

And here’s what happened at the #ListeningPost

The second #ListeningPost I hosted was in October as part of MIND Llanelli’s Activity Day at Ty Cariad Day Centre in Llanelli for MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS DAY

Once again I was blown away by how the human spirit shines through in even the most troubled circumstances. It is an amazing experience to have complete strangers come and open their hearts to you. Someone said to me, ‘it must be quite draining.’

No, quite the opposite. As people share what’s on their mind, there might be tears but often interspersed with laughter, nostalgia, and oodles of wisdom bubbles up in the stories and in the moment. I’m left humbled and profoundly grateful to experience these fleeting connections.

Wouldn’t it be great if #ListeningPosts became a regular thing in Carmarthenshire?

If you are interested in having a chat about #ListeningPosts, do get in touch.