Mentoring clients typically set themselves high standards and wish to serve the world through whatever practice (healing or creative) they are called to. Typically they struggle to recognise their value in some area of their life. Increasingly it also includes those who are drawn towards being part of re-imagining a more equitable society based on shared values of reciprocity, respect, co-operation and creativity. It is a joy to work alongside these artists, pioneers, helpers, healers and wise folk and help point them to the richness of experience available in any moment.

Mentoring Packages

When you are navigating a new project, life challenges, at a crossroads or you simply want to go deeper with your work or practise, then having a mentor who can hold a space as you get raw and real can be an incredibly rich experience. Juliet is skilled at holding a space of deep love and curiosity. She mentors a few individuals each year, guiding them to explore beyond the edges of the known, to question what looks true and to tune in to the wisdom behind life. You may find yourself here because you experience low or high level stress or anxiety despite being a highly effective contributor out in the world. Or you may just have a nagging sense that you could be enjoying life and work more and that it shouldn’t be such a slog. Clients who have achieved outer success yet feel their inner life has been relegated to second place are particularly welcome to experience an entirely different kind of mentoring.

Mentoring packages run for 6 or 12 months and will be tailored to your individual needs. They include an introductory conversation to set out the intentions for the mentoring relationship, regular conversations online and the opportunity to be in touch with Juliet via email or voice audio for the duration of the package. A Mentoring Package is an investment of time and money in discovering what has been overlooked. Prices on application.

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I’m so looking forward to being in conversation with you. If you are local to Ferryside, Carmarthenshire, West Wales, UK and would like to have walking mentoring sessions, please contact me to check availability.

When I considered a Mentoring Package with Juliet, I was looking for a mix of coaching laced with marketing expertise to support me to fully explore how to grow my business in a new direction .

Our relationship over the preceding few months contributed to a strong feeling that this would be a beneficial relationship. It felt like a worthwhile investment in myself at a critical time.

Undoubtedly having someone to hold my hand on a difficult stage of my journey, helping me regain my footing when I was stumbling, reorientate and read my compass through twists, turns and important decision points. A loving, wise presence to guide and steward me, and to gently challenge me to push at the edges of my understanding. On a practical note I found the ability to exchange voice notes in real time a very valuable resource.

Overall the mentoring has contributed to a greater sense of spaciousness and openness to how and where I work alongside a deepening appreciation for the process of unfolding. I have travelled from a place of needing to know and control to a greater appreciation for how little we can or need to know, but equally the potency of a commitment to be guided by a trust in where and how we are drawn.

In the latter few weeks I have had a very real sense that it has been this letting go and coming to a greater acceptance of where/ who I am that has created the space/soil for this new opportunity to take root (almost an opportunity to show myself whether I am quite ready yet for what comes next) and it is lovely too that we draw this stage of our relationship to a close with me stepping into a new role which as far as I can judge aligns with what’s really important to me whilst enabling a more sustainable financial situation.

I have a deep, profound gratitude that we were brought together and have been able to share what I suspect will turn out to have been a hugely formative and meaningful period of exploration and discovery. An appreciation for who you are and the wonderful, brave example you set for living and working in a fully authentic and inspired way (whilst of course realising it may well not feel like that so often!)
Interesting as a fellow ‘coach’ to observe how I came to you with a particular goal in mind and whilst the intent has remained consistent ‘to continue doing work I love, but in a sustainable way’ the path has been anything but linear and you have been wonderfully patient and responsive in supporting me through it all!

I would unquestionably recommend a mentoring package with Juliet.

Matt Halfin

Conscious Career Coach & founder of Unstoppable! , Unstoppable, London, UK

I met Juliet at an UNLTD networking session, I was immediately drawn to her, I felt a connection, she listened, really listened. I had no expectations, just a space to talk with another human being who was also on a journey of self discovery and full of questions. In terms of impact, there was a memorable session walking on the beach at Ferryside, I was barefoot and I was talking and talking, so much that I tripped over a rock. I was immediately brought back to the moment, Juliet did not put that rock there, but it was that moment with Juliet that made me be more present and realise that I was spending too much time on healing others and not myself. It helped me to re-address my intentions professionally and personally. As a mentor Juliet is non judgemental, a deep listener and I would highly recommend time with her.
Eleanor Shaw

Founder and Artistic Director, People Speak Up, Llanelli, Wales, UK

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