Mentoring Wellbeing Sessions

Mentoring clients typically wish to serve the world through whatever practice (healing or creative) they are called to. Increasingly it also includes those who are drawn towards being part of re-imagining a more equitable society based on shared values of reciprocity, respect, co-operation and creativity. It is a joy to work alongside these artists, pioneers, helpers and healers.

Professional support: 75 minute Mentoring Wellbeing session

You can book a 75 minute mentoring call for £80. Together we can go deeper into our understanding and from there look at any issues that are arising for you in your practice at this time. It typically takes only one or two sessions for existing clients to relax, refresh and refocus.

Ongoing mentoring can also be arranged if you are working on a new project and would like someone alongside to act as sounding board and mentor over a 6 or 12 month period.

Schedule a free 30 minute initial call now so we can see what works best for you.

Want a one off session?

Click to book a one off Mentoring Wellbeing session. As soon as you click the link you begin the exploration with me. The link takes you to my Acuity Scheduling account where you’ll be asked to fill out an intake form (even if we’ve worked together before) and then book and pay for your session. The intake form is a chance for you to reflect on your intention for the session. From the time I receive your intake form, I am in connection with you.

I’m so looking forward to being in conversation with you. If you are local and would like to have a walking mentoring session, please contact me to check availability (the price is the same).

I met Juliet at an UNLTD networking session, I was immediately drawn to her, I felt a connection, she listened, really listened. I had no expectations, just a space to talk with another human being who was also on a journey of self discovery and full of questions. In terms of impact, there was a memorable session walking on the beach at Ferryside, I was barefoot and I was talking and talking, so much that I tripped over a rock. I was immediately brought back to the moment, Juliet did not put that rock there, but it was that moment with Juliet that made me be more present and realise that I was spending too much time on healing others and not myself. It helped me to re-address my intentions professionally and personally. As a mentor Juliet is non judgemental, a deep listener and I would highly recommend time with her.
Eleanor Shaw

Founder and Artistic Director, People Speak Up

Photo of Eleanor Shaw