One Day Immersion

Soul’s Invitation

You are invited to join a one day immersion with Juliet Fay and Alex Waters

Saturday 17th February 2018


Are you looking to deepen your understanding of the 3 Principles as expressed by Sydney Banks?


Have you had a glimpse of how your experience gets created but want to know more?

Has someone in your life been impacted by understanding the 3 Principles and you're curious to understand more?

Have you come across the 3 Principles but get frustrated and stuck and feel you should 'know better'?

Are you sharing the 3 Principles but want to go deeper?


If you answered yes to any of the above, then we invite you to apply to join this one day (virtual) Immersion.

It offers the chance to dive deep into the feeling and allow our own wisdom to emerge facilitated by Wales based Three Principles Facilitators, Juliet Fay and Alex Waters.

The theme of the One Day Immersion will be

What is the soul's invitation?

As more and more of our stories about ourselves, other people, the world, our past or the future fall away, we see deeper and deeper or more and more clearly into who and what we really are. Initial glimpses into how we are experiencing the feeling of our thinking, not the feeling of the world can sometimes lead to periods of striving and dissatisfaction as we seek to grab hold of more of this understanding yet it feels slippery and out of reach.

The answer is always the same.

To look towards the source and even that gentle direction can create confusion, frustration or feelings of lack because we might have lots of thinking about 'the source'. And that in itself is something to get curious about. This 2 Day Immersion is an invitation to set aside any ideas of outcomes and simply get curious. Curiosity seems to invite opening and spaciousness which in turn can lead to insight. 

During the day there will be x3 conversations hosted on the Zoom platform to allow people to join from anywhere in the world where there is a robust internet connection.

The calls will be one to one and a half hours long with recommended reading, listening and watching for the breaks. The calls will be recorded and made available to participants for their private use.

It is recommended you treat the whole day as a retreat and withdraw from your day to day activities as far as possible. Treat this as a gift to yourselves.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for the times and cost of this retreat.

Exploring Divine Mind

While working with a private client, during the break, this poem emerged and seemed to express something of what I (Juliet) witnessed the client experience.

The Soul’s Invitation

And in that vision
She felt the profound
Magnificence of
The soul

Her soul; and not her soul;
Coursing through;
This human form
With delight and joy

Touching the divine
Deep within
She felt the freedom
And the depth

Of all that she was
And ever would be
And all that ever was
And ever will be

Within and without.
Mountain lake
Deep waters
Blue skies

The soul’s bounty
The soul’s beauty
The soul’s joy
The soul’s invitation

© Juliet Fay 201


Alex Waters

3 Principles Wales
After more than 25 years of working with individuals, groups, communities and businesses in the field of mental and emotional health and wellbeing, I felt incredibly lucky to have happened upon the 3 Principles for myself (ironically through my own experience of burnout in 2013!).
During my personal journey I have had several amazing healing and transformational experiences which have positively impacted on my life but it is this particular understanding that has created, for me, the most effortless, profound, natural and sustainable change.
With a background in dramatherapy, counselling, coaching, homoeopathy and training in the private, statutory and voluntary sectors, I bring a wealth of experience to my role as a facilitator.
I trained as a 3 Principles Facilitator at The Insight Space with Ian Watson and Carol Boroughs and I am proud to now be a mentor on this wonderful course. I am also on the 3PGC practitioner list – a global community of practitioners who are committed to sharing the 3 Principles in their work.
Since 2014 I have been passionately ‘following my bliss’, sharing the 3 Principles with individuals and groups of all ages to nurture individual and community insight and empowerment. And how my heart sings!
I am particularly excited to be holding this immersive space with my tender-hearted friend Juliet, as we have a shared love of exploration and discovery, and diving deep in to the truth of who we are. Come and join us!

Find out more about Alex on her website, 3 Principles Wales

Paul Murk

Juliet Fay

I am an English woman living in Wales, one time organic farmer, Marketing Geek and now writer of poetry and Three Principles Facilitator. The deepening of my own understanding has been facilitated by wonderful teachers including Molly Gordon, Ian Watson, Carol Boroughs, Chip Chipman and Elsie Spittle. In June 2017 I was lucky enough to attend The Three Principles School on Salt Spring Island, in Canada.

My own story of healing led me towards working with those experiencing mental distress and I currently facilitate a group programme called Love Your Life Again for members of a local mental health charity in West Wales, Mind Llanelli. Supporting others to discover and deepen their understanding of how our experience gets created and who and what we really are, humbles and amazes me.

I continue to learn from every one I meet and also to stumble and lose my way at times. But this life long journey of discovery is one I feel immensely grateful to be part of and to get to point others in this direction, well, there is nothing like it.

I am delighted to hold the space with Alex Waters, a profoundly beautiful soul. I experience more and more gratitude for the unfolding and deepening of this understanding and the lightness it has brought to my life. You can read more about me here.

Dates and Times

Saturday 17th February 2018

During the day there will be x3 group calls of between 1 to 1.5 hours (to be determined by the Facilitators). The calls will begin at

  • 9.30am
  • 11.30am
  • 2.00pm

You can check out the times where you are by using this Time Zone Converter.

This is an opportunity for a relaxed exploration in a small group setting.

Group size will be limited.

It would give us great pleasure to facilitate this conversation around the soul’s invitation. If you feel called, please join us

“Soul is consciousness in motion, Spirit is the very breath of life”

p.93 The Quest of the Pearl. Sydney Banks

“The consciousness of humankind must be elevated. Only then, when the spiritual and physical realities are united, will we find the power and intelligence to guide us through life.”

Sydney Banks



Are there any additional costs?

The technology we will be using to run the programme can be free to use for participants. For the Zoom meetings, there is no cost to join from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. If you participate by phone, it is possible that you will incur long distance charges.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a videoconferencing platform similar to Skype, but it has a few more options for the host. The free Zoom software runs on Macs and PCs and on smartphones and tablets using Android, iOS (Apple), or Blackberry operating systems. Once you sign up you will get an email with a link to the calls.  If you have never used zoom before it is best to allow 10 or 15 minutes before the first call, as you will be asked to download an app to your phone, tablet or computer. You don’t need to set up an account to join a meeting.

Audio and video

It is strongly recommended that you use headphones during the calls. Headphones that work with smartphones are generally okay. It helps improve the audio for the other participants. The host can mute people which is sometimes necessary to cut down on background noise. You have the option to show yourself on video or not. If you prefer not to be seen at times, that is fine.

Will the live zoom calls be recorded?

These will be recorded and a link to the file sent to participants for you download. These recordings are for your own private use.

Refund Policy

We hope you will be delighted by this programme and find it nourishing. Please be sure you want to purchase a place and plan to attend before making payment. 

If the internet connection fails so that we the hosts cannot run the programme you will be offered the option of an alternative date or a full refund. If on the day of the event, you do not attend the calls because you changed your mind or your plans change or you did not correctly note down the dates or times or your internet connection fails we will not offer a refund but you will be offered the recordings of the calls. 


Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent what is offered in this programme and what the benefits might be.  Each individual’s experience depends on how they interact with this programme and there is no guarantee offered that you will have any particular insights. That is down to factors beyond the control of the facilitators.