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Sydney Banks, a Scottish Welder living on Salt Spring Island in Canada, had an experience in the 1970s in which he realised his true nature and crucially how thought creates our moment to moment experience. He spent the remainder of his life, sharing what he had seen with people from across the world. If what you have read or heard about the Three Principles has aroused your curiosity, I would highly recommend you watch, listen to or read some of Sydney Bank’s material.

Free to watch Sydney Banks material on the new Syd Banks website 

  • Hawaii Lectures
  • Washington Lectures
  • Long Beach Lectures

Free to listen and view material by Sydney Banks 

Search for a selection of podcasts and videos on the media section of the 3PGC website

Books by Sydney Banks

Availability of Sydney Banks books can vary but you can often pick up second hand copies. Waterstones, a British bookseller, stocks some and you can find others through the affiliated sellers in their Marketplace. There is also some availability on the various Amazon sites. Some of the titles are available as e-books on iTunes. For delivery in Europe, Sydney Banks Products lists audios, DVDs and books.

Sydney Banks books

Check with your local book shop or online book stores such as Waterstones (UK) or Amazon (in your country).

  • The Missing Link: Reflections of philosophy and spirit (1998)
  • The Enlightened Gardener (2001)
  • The Enlightened Gardener Revisited (2005)
  • Second Chance (1987)
  • In Quest of the Pearl (1990)
  • Dear Liza (2004)

You can find e-versions of Sydney Banks books on iTunes.

I would also recommend three books that include transcriptions of Sydney Banks’ teaching (available on Amazon):-

  • The Island of Knowledge by Linda Quiring (1975)
  • Beyond Beliefs: The Lost Teachings of Sydney Banks by Linda Quiring (2016)
  • Encounters with an enlightened man: the early years with Sydney Banks by Linda Quiring and Jack Pransky (2017)


Paradigm Shift – A History of the Three Principles as Uncovered by Sydney Banks by Jack Pransky and George Pransky

In particular page 181-186 gives accounts of transformation in business where thousands of employees were exposed to what was then called, State of Mind training.Web Resources



Psychology has it backwards, Judith Sedgeman and Christine Heath

Other books based on this understanding

These are the books that have impacted me the most, search for these titles from your preferred book seller:-

Evidence of outcomes

For organisations, hiring a facilitator offering a new approach is often met with the question, ‘where is the evidence?’. The resources below aim to provide you with the latest research on outcomes of sharing this understanding in a variety of settings from prisons to schools in various parts of the world.



Cogent Psychology Journal Article (Jack Pransky and Thomas Kelley) – March 2017

American Psychological Association Journal Article

Jack Pransky – “The long-awaited, we think important journal article, “Realizing Improved Mental Health By Understanding Three Spiritual Principles,” has finally officially appeared in the peer reviewed American Psychological Association journal, Spirituality in Clinical Practice. 2015, Volume 2, Number 4, 267-281.

For the first time we have now established a scientific basis that understanding the Three Principles actually leads to improved mental health. This is big. Of course for us really to be taken seriously the study now has to be replicated, and we still need a controlled study, but we are working on it. This is an important beginning.

The article is accessible via the link below:”