When I considered a Mentoring Package with Juliet, I was looking for a mix of coaching laced with marketing expertise to support me to fully explore how to grow my business in a new direction .

Our relationship over the preceding few months contributed to a strong feeling that this would be a beneficial relationship. It felt like a worthwhile investment in myself at a critical time.

Undoubtedly having someone to hold my hand on a difficult stage of my journey, helping me regain my footing when I was stumbling, reorientate and read my compass through twists, turns and important decision points. A loving, wise presence to guide and steward me, and to gently challenge me to push at the edges of my understanding. On a practical note I found the ability to exchange voice notes in real time a very valuable resource.  

Overall the mentoring has contributed to a greater sense of spaciousness and openness to how and where I work alongside a deepening appreciation for the process of unfolding. I have travelled from a place of needing to know and control to a greater appreciation for how little we can or need to know, but equally the potency of a commitment to be guided by a trust in where and how we are drawn.

In the latter few weeks I have had a very real sense that it has been this letting go and coming to a greater acceptance of where/ who I am that has created the space/soil for this new opportunity to take root (almost an opportunity to show myself whether I am quite ready yet for what comes next) and it is lovely too that we draw this stage of our relationship to a close with me stepping into a new role which as far as I can judge aligns with what's really important to me whilst enabling a more sustainable financial situation.  

I have a deep, profound gratitude that we were brought together and have been able to share what I suspect will turn out to have been a hugely formative and meaningful period of exploration and discovery. An appreciation for who you are and the wonderful, brave example you set for living and working in a fully authentic and inspired way (whilst of course realising it may well not feel like that so often!)
Interesting as a fellow 'coach' to observe how I came to you with a particular goal in mind and whilst the intent has remained consistent 'to continue doing work I love, but in a sustainable way' the path has been anything but linear and you have been wonderfully patient and responsive in supporting me through it all!

I would unquestionably recommend a mentoring package with Juliet.

Matt Halfin

Conscious Career Coach and founder of Unstoppable!, London, UK, Unstoppable

My time spent with Juliet is incredibly precious to me. Through her warmth, patience and gentle nudges I was allowed the space to remember my own innate wisdom, and rediscover a place of organic wellbeing in my life. 

There was no text book to read or homework to practice, it was what I can only describe as the magic in transformational, over informational, learning that allowed me to remember my resilience, and truly know that no single body is broken. Including my own.

This brought light to my daily home life with my partner and arguments no longer last a lifetime. I’ve learned that we will all still experience ebbs and flows and lows, despite having a consciousness around the Three Principles and inside out thinking. However, my new safety blanket lies in the ability to bounce back from places of anger of sadness far quicker than the ‘old’ me, who would innocently over-think my thinking and end up in a place of stubborn distress. I felt I should sit in this firmly if my ‘thinking’ was to be valid. This new shift in thinking is a saviour for all my wasted energy, and a saviour to my health and happiness. I knew I had the tools, but Juliet helped me to scrape away the rust and actually do some personal DIY… without even really realising!

My daily life is now far more ‘oh well’. Even with severe work and family life situations occurring around me and affecting me directly, I am comfortable not fighting them anymore, and instead, I am allowing these stresses to pass… without my resistance causing more tidal waves then stillness in those unsettled seas. 

I feel blessed that my path has crossed with Juliet’s and feel very lucky to have had the life changing opportunity to grow with her and learn from her on a one-to-one basis. I will most certainly be spending time with her again in the near future. Everybody needs a Juliet!

Pippa Thompson

Account Manager, London, UK

“I have taken two of Juliet’s online programmes and really loved them. What drew me to them in the first place was the small group size number. I felt that would offer much more opportunity for me to participate fully and be able to engage directly with the facilitator (Juliet) rather than being one of 50 or 100 people, which felt much more anonymous. Juliet created such a safe and accepting space where each person had the opportunity to talk through what was up for them that particular week. What I liked best about it, was her ability to listen and hear way beyond what I was saying and then reflect that back to me in such a gentle and supportive way, which also challenged me to look in a different direction.

I learned a lot about listening differently which I’ve been able to apply to my own work as a Mediator and it really has shifted the energy I have with, and towards my clients. One phrase that has stuck with me was ‘what we do matters much less than where we do it from’. Juliet is an expert at pointing towards another direction that sees past the ‘problem’ or ‘problem person’ and instead looks deep into their soul and points to their own inner quiet and wisdom. I would definitely recommend one of Juliet’s programmes, not to be missed for anyone trying to deepen their understanding of the Principles.”

Mary Rafferty

Mediator, Ireland, Consensus Mediation

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the course with Juliet Fay on sharing from the 3 Ps with groups.

Each and every call allowed me to experience the good feeling of being seen and heard and drawn out. While the content centered on sharing in groups from that grounded perspective, the experience of being in the group with Juliet and the others spoke the content the loudest and clearest.

As a learning experience, this surpassed what you might anticipate. The insights and good feelings and deepened clarity all join in one spot that moves along to become integrated.

Juliet truly walks the walk of a kind, centered spirit. Allow her to be your guide.

Wendy L. Williams

USA, The Marriage Life Coach

“Juliet, you shone a light on things I have glimpsed before but, with your insightful support, I was able to experience more profoundly. Taking my vision and putting it into a very beautiful poem was inspiring and that together with my makeshift artwork (!) will remind me of our session together and the true nature of what being human is all about! Thank you so much.”

“I would like to express my gratitude for Juliet’s  manner of allowing space for whatever is coursing through me at that time …It is the  acceptance and witnessing of our emotions in a non- judgemental way that allows us freedom in our human experience, allowing  a renewed sense of our connection to source to shine through.

I am immensely fortunate that Juliet has moved into the village where  I was born and bred…and  am able to tap into her light shining wisdom frequently during encounters about the village ! Juliet has become a true and wise trusted friend.”

Alexis Jones

Homeopath, Wales, UK

Having slept on our discussion last night when I got up at 6am this morning I found myself thinking “I am not my thoughts”
Two Miracle texts came out of the box together
“The sense of separation from who “I am” (God) is the only lack you really need correct”
“Who “I am” (God) is very quiet for there is no conflict in him”
Many people struggle with the word God hence my insertion of the “I am”. So a very useful insight for me Juliet – very very grateful to you.
Robert Barker

Three Principles Facilitator, The Homeopathic Supply Company, Norfolk, UK