Appreciation from those who’ve been in this conversation with Juliet

After an intensive 2.5 hour session looking at work/life balance, client C.S. had this to say,

“Juliet, you shone a light on things I have glimpsed before but, with your insightful support, I was able to experience more profoundly. Taking my vision and putting it into a very beautiful poem was inspiring and that together with my makeshift artwork (!) will remind me of our session together and the true nature of what being human is all about! Thank you so much.”


After a 1.5 hour telecall

Having slept on our discussion last night when I got up at 6am this morning I found myself thinking “I am not my thoughts”
Two Miracle texts came out of the box together
“The sense of separation from who “I am” (God) is the only lack you really need correct”
“Who “I am” (God) is very quiet for there is no conflict in him”
Many people struggle with the word God hence my insertion of the “I am”. So a very useful insight for me Juliet – very very grateful to you.
Robert Barker, Three Principles Facilitator, The Homeopathic Supply Company, Norfolk, UK.

A reference from The Insight Space, Three Principles Facilitator Training programme:-

“It is my pleasure to stand as a referee for Juliet Fay in her work as a Three Principles Facilitator and coach specialising in the fields of mental health/wellbeing and family conflict.

She has already demonstrated her ability to impact people in a highly positive way with her understanding of the three principles, states of mind and innate health.  

Juliet has an ability to listen deeply to her clients to get to the heart of what they are saying. She is able to hold space for them in a compassionate way, helping them to navigate their way through the challenges they face. She is comfortable working one to one with clients and in groups.

Juliet is a great member of our training cohort, displaying great empathy and support for her colleagues. She is also highly articulate and engaging. She has a great sense of humour and would be a great addition to any team. Her commitment to her own development and her motivation to ease the suffering of others is to be admired.”

Carol Boroughs, course co-tutor, The Insight Space, London UK, January 2017


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